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Thursday, 4 October 2012

University academic appeal letters examples

University Academic Appeal Letters are needed when you are going to appeal to the college, weather the reason may be any but you have to write this and submit in the college. For every activity, college need the written prescription with the signature of your parents or family. I am going to give you sample format of the appeal letter in this post; I hope you will get benefitted from this useful write-up.

When your classes are going on and unfortunately, you got illness and other most urgent reasons, then you have to give the appeal letter to the college authority. You should write the correct format of that. Your letter should be the correct and legal reasons.

There are many things you have to take care while writing letters. When you got the warning letter from your college, I know you will be little angry but calm down and start the writing the appeal letter to college, it should be good for you. After getting the appeal letter from you, the college authority does not take any rude action against you. They will low down your punishment and can give you more time to correct your grade and performance.


* Use good grammar
* Send some attachments with your letter i.e. proof of medical letter etc
* Use electronic version of the letter
* Make proofread of your letter

There are some sample letter attached with this post

Sample format

Address of yours
 Address of the office
 To whomsoever it May Concern
 First paragraph
 Second paragraph
 Third paragraph
 Thanking you
 You’re sincerely

In first paragraph, you can give introduction. In second format, you will give the reasons, and in last paragraph, you can do the appeal and thanking annotations.

There may be many reasons to write this letter, I am giving the basic format of this letter.


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