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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Daytona State awarded 2nd scholarship grant from Mexican government

Thanks to Mexican Government, it is the great steps the government has taken towards the student scholarships. They have provided $6,000 to Daytona State College for providing scholarships and financial assistance to low-income Mexican-American and International students, so that the maximum number of students can take admission into this college.

There are many such students who cannot afford their college fees, there are many Mexican students who are poor and cannot afford their education, The Mexican Government has done charity for them, so that they can also receive their education and could get good job for them.

This is the great news from the Mexican Government and Daytona State College both. The College got scholarships grant money from the government and start distributing it among the students. It will help maximum 50 students at the college in which number of expenses will be covered by this scholarship like testing fees, educational fees, books, rooms etc.

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