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Online Apply Financial Aid
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Friday, 10 August 2012

Financial Aid Help for Married People

How does financial aid work if you are married?

To qualify for financial aid as a married person, you must provide different information than you would if you were single.

Example Case study

My college friend recently told me that when she got married, the governement paid for her and her husband's schooling (because he only worked summers). A different friend confirmed this. I have been doing some research on this and cannot find any solid proof. My boyfriend and I are seriously concidering getting married but we would like to know what kinds of college expenses there will be. Does anyone know if our schooling would be covered? Either way, would you help me find the proof?


The Expected Family Contribution or EFC is the number the school uses to determine financial need. The formula that is used to determine this number does take into effect that you are married because that will consider you and your spouse independent and a different formula is used for independent students vs. dependent students. Another factor is the number of people in a house hold going to college. That includes kids but I do not remember if it includes spouses. Check with a Financial Aid Counselor at a school. Income is also looked at so the more need demonstrated based on income the more in Fed Aid you can get. Keep in mind that when married if you filed together on your taxes then you have to included both incomes.

Resourceful Help

A growing number of colleges are providing special campus housing for married couples and families--but because these units are not shared with other students, the rental prices are higher. This may mean you need more financial aid.

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